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Xerox® Vitality

This 92 bright paper for everyday documents provides 99.99% jam-free operation.  Our workhouse everyday white paper is tested for dependability and reliability, saving you time and money with less equipment downtime, fewer service calls and greater productivity.

Navigator Platinum

Navigator Platinum Digital is ideal for everyday printing in all  office equipment. Specially engineered to deliver high quality printing results, Navigator Platinum Digital, combines ultra brightness with a unique thickness. 100% guaranteed for all color or black and white office equipment. Advanced color printing benefits that surpass by far the standard digital paper. Extra smooth for a superior look and feel. Full Weight Range for high quality document printing. Excellent for Duplex printing and intensive color usage without show through. 

Navigator Recycled

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Premium Recycled concept cares for the environment. The right choice for your office and the planet. The Navigator Premium Recycled Formula, a special blend of recycled and virgin fiber gives you winning performance and results.

Navigator Multipurpose

Navigator Premium Multipurpose provides a professional look to all your office documents adding value to your communication. Combining extra brightness, opacity and an improved smooth surface, the results will be  sharp images with vibrant colors, excellent print  contrast enhancing details without show through. Navigator Premium Multipurpose offers superb jam-free performance and superior quality.

Hammermill Color Copy Digital

Color Copy Digital combines an extra smooth surface and high brightness white to produce exceptional color images. Designed to maximize the performance of your customer's color copiers and color laser printers while providing their documents with an impressive look and feel. Color Copy Digital not only works in your color copier, it's now enhanced to work on your digital press.

Hammermill Fore MP Colors

Our colors version of our Fore MP multipurpose paper.  A high quality paper that runs well through electronic imaging equipment as well as conventional offset presses.  Hammermill Fore MP Colors offer a 30% post-consumer fiber content.  Available in 15 shades.



These bright-colored papers get noticed every time. Featuring 26 attention-getting shades that are always consistent, side-to-side and run-to-run, delivering consistent, high-quality printing performance. Available in both text and cover weights for direct mail, cards, posters and flyers. Count on ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers to help your message make a splash!